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Unidad: Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos is a documentary that captures the struggles of Latinx members of the LGBTQ+ community living in the United States. With this project, I seek to bring attention to the issues faced by this community and to help break down the barriers that exist between those of different sexual orientations and genders.

Through this documentary, I strive to create an impact by highlighting the stories of Latinx LGBTQ+ individuals and their families. By showcasing their experiences, I hope to create a space for dialogue and understanding of LGBTQ+ issues in the Latinx community.






A Queer History

Feature Documentary 2021

Mario J. Novoa - Producer


As a filmmaker, I'm dedicated to telling stories that are often overlooked or ignored in mainstream media. My latest project, L.A.: A Queer History, is a documentary commissioned by PBS that explores the history of the LGBTQ+ movement in Los Angeles.

This documentary focuses on the people who have shaped the queer community in L.A., and how their activism and movement have impacted the city. It’s an important story to tell, and one that I’ve been passionate about for many years. I invite you to learn more about the project and join me in celebrating the amazing milestones the queer community has achieved in L.A.

Nelly Queen:

The Life & Times of Jose Sarria

2020 - Mario J. Novoa - Producer

"Fight Song" 

Mario J. Novoa - Director

music video


Jeanne Cordova:

Butches, Lies, & Feminism

2016 Documentary Short

Mario J. Novoa - Producer

Ay Jose! - Fashion Film

2015 - Mario J. Novoa


Nancy From Eastside Clover

2014 Short Documentary

Mario J. Novoa - Producer


Presenting dialogues with emerging individuals as well as iconic guests from

Entertainment, Sports, Technology, and Business

2015 - Mario J. Novoa - Producer/Director

Art Jackson

-short documentary

2014 Mario J. Novoa - Producer/Director

The Baby Cries

2013 - Short Comedy

Mario J. Novoa - Producer/Director

Gay Latino Los Angeles: Coming of Age

2012 - Feature Documentary

Mario J. Novoa - Producer

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